With the waves came the wind and water
Piling high, mile upon mile, towering
Into the black sky, until it looked
As if half the world had risen
To fall upon the other half.
The water rose.
And fell
Deadening, deafening, dredging,
Sweeping all before it, scouring the streets
And stripping the sea on a sunny day.

With the wind came the warnings
That were ignored. The water rose,
Swamping the swamp, stinking the streets,
Hijacking the high school. Orleans was overcome
And the world watched, with baited breath,
For the united response that never came.
The city was raised up. Torn down.
O say, can you see, the star spangled banner,
Borne in triumph over the mass graves,
The bodies left buried beneath the wind and waves.

The day will come when the weather breaks.
When the sunny day becomes silent and full of shadow.
When the river reaves as it receives.
The sun will shine cold and dead
And rain will fall on your cheeks
As hurricane day comes unexpected.

You will not see the shadows
You will not feel the rain
Until the storm breaks over you
Until tragedy strikes you.


from Sorrow Works: A Collection, released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Steven C. Davis

Steven C. Davis is the author of Cornix Sinistra and Armageddon Angel, a pair of apocalyptic science fiction novels set in a series of alternate Readings.
He is the co-author of The Heart's Cog Imperative, a dark and twisted Steampunk adventure tale.


He is also a poet and the presenter of the GASP radio show.
He lives in Berkshire and makes a damn fine chocolate cake
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