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For three years I worked in a paper mill
Because my parents died in a crossfire on a hill
And don’t I deserve a new future?

For six years I lived with my grandparents
Tilled the land and worked the soil until they went
And don’t I deserve a new future?

I was blind from birth and my parents cared for me
But when they died in a landslide nobody wanted me
And don’t I deserve a new future?

All I want to be is a child,
Happy and free, and a family
That cares for and looks after me.

All I want is a home, shelter
From the rain, a bed to share, toys
To play with and two meals a day.

All I want to be is loved
And protected and cared for.
I’m willing to go to school
I want to learn and grow
And help others so they’ll know
That it doesn’t always
Have to be like this.


from Sorrow Works: A Collection, released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Steven C. Davis

Steven C. Davis is the author of Cornix Sinistra and Armageddon Angel, a pair of apocalyptic science fiction novels set in a series of alternate Readings.
He is the co-author of The Heart's Cog Imperative, a dark and twisted Steampunk adventure tale.


He is also a poet and the presenter of the GASP radio show.
He lives in Berkshire and makes a damn fine chocolate cake
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