Song of the Plains

from by Steven C. Davis



Song of the plains and the white horse running
The white horse cantering
The white horse galloping.
Song of the plains and the winds blowing
The wild grasses blowing
The wild grasses buffeting.
Song of the plains and the eagle gliding
The eagle soaring
The eagle descending.
Song of the plains and the nations praying
The free nations chanting
The free nations singing.
Song of the plains and the wolf howling
The wild bison roaming
The coyote calling.
Song of the plains and the descendents leaving
The young brave departing
The young man farewelling.
Sing of the plains in the city of men
The concrete sidewalks
Where no horse is tied.
Sing of the plains in the concrete and glass
The tarmac road
Where the bison once roamed.
Sing of the plains in the dull night
When the yellow lights
Hide the moon’s face.
Sing of the plains and a moment of solitude
A moment of stillness
A moment of silence.
Sing of the plains far from home
Where the wind blows free
Where the sky is free.
Sing of the plains
When the yearning is in your heart
When the world overfills your heart.


from Sorrow Works: A Collection, released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Steven C. Davis

Steven C. Davis is the author of Cornix Sinistra and Armageddon Angel, a pair of apocalyptic science fiction novels set in a series of alternate Readings.
He is the co-author of The Heart's Cog Imperative, a dark and twisted Steampunk adventure tale.

He is also a poet and the presenter of the GASP radio show.
He lives in Berkshire and makes a damn fine chocolate cake
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